The Mill Event Center

What is The Mill?

The Mill is the hottest new event venue in Waseca, MN. We are open to hosting your next big event, whether it is a wedding, party, or banquet. In our huge space, the ability to decorate it is endless. What attracts people most to The Mill, is the ability to hold a lot of people. The Mill has a max capacity of 667!

The Mill Event Center

While although The Mill does not look like much, we have completely remodeled the inside to give our clients an open rustic space to design their special day.


One of the most important things to figure out when planning your event is who is going to cater. We want our clients to have the ability to have whatever and whoever cater their food for their event. We believe that it is their special day and whatever we can do to make it more unique to them we want to do. We have had many different caters come to The Mill during our different events we have hosted. To get some ideas about who has catered here, you can visit our blog on each of the weddings to get some options for yourself.


Another important aspect of any event is the entertainment. We have custom built a stage that is perfect for any band, DJ, or speeches during your event. We have also had many bridal parties utilize the stage to put them up above the rest of the guests.We have also booked many bands that come in to play for the public on random nights throughout the year.

What is included?

With our huge space, we also have included bathrooms, a full bar, and table and chairs for your day. There is also a bridal suite and an extra office space that would allow the bridal party to get ready for their day that can be added on top of renting the rest of The Mill. While most venues allow you to come in the day of and make you be cleaned up that night, we allow all our guests to come in the day before to decorate and allow everything to be cleaned up the next day.

Space for a ceremony

In our huge space we have also seen many setups for the actually ceremony and not just receptions. We do have our own speaker systems that can be used if one is not brought in.


With our huge space and flexibility, we strive to have the guests have the best possible time. We try to help in anyway we can.